What the Hell Do I Write About?

I’ll be honest with you guys. I have no idea what to post about.

I started law school in August of 2017, and I was swamped. I’ve never been that busy in my life, and I spent four years in the 82nd Airborne, where being busy was a fact of life. Coupled with the fact that I’d divorced my wife of five years a couple of months prior, and you can imagine how messed up I was in the head. Law school swallowed me whole. I hadn’t been posting all that frequently before hand, but I practically dropped off the surface of the earth during the year.

Trouble is, I’m still not back. If you look at my post frequency, it’s still low. I rarely post twice in a week, and I used to be posting at least every day, if not twice a day. Trouble is, I have no clue what to write about. It’s like every time I sit down to figure out what to write, my brain shuts down.

“Don’t even bother, Andrei. I just got done with hours of shit work, and I am in no mood to be blogging.” That’s me right now. I’d sit down and write fiction, but even that seems to escape my grasp. It’s like whenever I get the urge or feel the duty to write something, my brain screams in terror, runs away, and locks the door behind it.

I realize I don’t really have it all that hard. I know I don’t. Chelsea has been a tremendous help around the house since she’s moved down, and things are easier this semester than they ever were my first year. Still, I can’t shake this writer’s block loose from my head.

So what’s there to do? Ramble on about how I can’t find anything meaningful to write about I guess. Maybe something will come to me tomorrow. If anyone else has felt the same way lately, drop a comment. I’d love to share company over our mutual inability to find anything meaningful to write about.

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