Edmonton, Home of the Largest Mall in North America

I was scrolling through my imgur albums, when I came across a picture I took when I flew up to help Chelsea drive down to the US with me. It doesn’t get more Canadian than the above photo, taken at the airport in Edmonton.

When I first started talking to Chelsea, we talked about Edmonton, the city she lived in. One of its claims to fame (and arguably it’s only claim to fame) is the gigantic West Edmonton Mall. It’s three stories tall, and its list of features and attractions is impressively long.

There’s a bar crawl inside the mall. There are several food courts, including a higher end one in the bar crawl for more discerning fare. They have a wave pool and indoor water park built right into the mall. There’s an amusement park with a freaking roller coaster on another end. They have blacklight mini golf, and their own bowling alley. Hell, they even have a pirate ship attraction with a pool deep enough that you can go scuba diving. Crazy, right?

With three stories, the list of stores is equally impressive. If you want a detailed list of the shops available, click here, but suffice it to say you will find what you’re looking for. From jewelry to children’s toys, from fedoras to adult toys, West Edmonton Mall has at least two of each. They even have a military surplus store inside the mall.

And that’s to say nothing of the hotels. There’s more than one hotel. In a mall.

If you haven’t ever been to Edmonton, I suppose the Mall is the only reason you’d get onto a plane to go. I’ll stick with what I have around town, to be honest.

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