The Hardest Thing I’ve Done as a Parent

Being a parent is all about facing the challenges that come with raising your kid and overcoming them. Sometimes they’re small challenges. Sometimes they’re big ones. But tonight, I and Chelsea experience a colossal challenge: cutting Traven’s hair.

He doesn’t like loud noises, to begin with, so he was less than thrilled about even going near the clippers. Then the battery kept dying out on it, which made the ordeal even longer since we had to stop after a few swipes to let the thing charge back up again. Worse still, I decided to try helping Chelsea out (she has a presentation she has due by 11 pm tonight) and ended up accidentally cutting his hair shorter in the back.

Right now, he’s got a halfway completed haircut with a short patch along the back of his noggin, but we’re getting there. Now that I’ve found the right charger, the clipper should charge up a lot faster. He’s already cranky about the haircut, but now it’s pushing past half an hour since he needed to be in bed. And you can set your watch by when this kid goes to bed and wakes up.

I’ll fix the horrendous thing I did to his head. Definitely will. This ought to be a great experience for everyone, right?

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